hello there

welcome to my silly little world

im just a silly little girl

silly old girl

silly young but aging girl

aging as we all are

this is my silly little world where i get to do anything i want

this is my cheap fun

do i miss the old internet?

or do i just miss having fun?

miss days without to-do lists or bills or CVs

miss days miss people miss time

i want to build a silly little world

low-resolution virtualities

fuck the metaverse

fuck NFTs

fuck the blockchain

fuck "web 3.0"

fuck cryptocurrency

and fuck the platforms too

i want an internet that is fun

i want an internet that feels like a lazy day reading comic books and playing games, not like trading and investing

obviously fuck capitalism

this is my silly little world inside of a massive evil world

i would like to consciously set my intentions

these web pages are like a zine but they are not the zines themselves

ill leave it at that for now

this is a silly little world where i try to unlearn bad habits

a new stage of my process

you are welcome to hang out in my silly little world!

that's why i made it!

i'm so glad you're here :)


may 2022

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